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News From Sunday, February 28, 2010
9:30:31 PM How do you convince people of global warming in a snowstorm?
Christian Science Monitor - USA

But evidence of global warming continues to accumulate. Global warming? John Katsaros, used car sales manager at Ray Price Honda, cleans snow off cars on ... [more]

6:39:21 PM “Warming” Hoax?
The Snapper - Millersville,PA,USA

By Cameron Kehler on February 28, 2010 Recent developments have given a new twist to the global warming debate. Last November, several emails from prominent ... [more]

5:33:28 PM Global Warming Fraud: The Big Picture
Power Line

The recent revelations of scientific errors (not to say fraud) in the UN's global warming documents are important, but Fred Singer reminds us not to lose ... [more]

4:14:14 PM Global Warming Exists – Steps To Take Even If It Didn't Exist
US Life Daily

By Mary Carpenter OPINION: The recent attacks on global warming is very disturbing. The planet has a limited amount of resources and the worlds population ... [more]

3:56:01 PM The Big Big Picture
Energy Collective

Now IPCC working group I deals with the climatology and geochemistry parts of the system. These parts are relatively mature science. ... [more]

2:56:07 PM Graph of the Day for February 28, 2010
American Thinker - Berkeley,AZ,USA

.... consider what we tell or request of our more reasonable colleagues who currently sit on the editorial board..." Michael Mann, "hocky-stick" climatologist. [more]

1:42:44 PM Rajendra Pachauri: Media went gaga over greenhouse guru
The Gloucester County Times - Woodbury,NJ,USA

And while the climatologists are dismissing the blizzards that keep hitting us here on the East Coast as anomalies, Easterbrook predicts we'd better get ... [more]

1:40:36 PM Snow levels on low side; climatologists not concerned
ReporterHerald.com - Loveland,CO,USA

These numbers, however, are not a concern to climatologists at the Colorado Climate Center. Nolan Doesken, state climatologist, said such numbers aren't ... [more]

12:15:16 PM Global warming panel is looking for outside review
ABH News

The panel studying global warming is looking for outside review because of current criticism about its reports. The Nobel Prize-winning international .... [more]

10:26:56 AM Global warming debate one-sided

21) of hubris and mendacity in the global warming industry. Since science isn't my forté, my distrust of the movement is based on its political tactics. ... [more]

8:57:48 AM Galleries: Paintings depicting the effects of global warming |
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA

Philadelphia Inquirer By Edith Newhall Global warming, as evidenced by the rapidly vanishing snow on mountains and glaciers, is the subject of Diane Burko's latest series of .... [more]

8:20:33 AM The Scientific Consensus on Global Climate Change

In the six months that I have been doing this blog, I have frequently referred to the scientific consensus on global climate change (GCC). ... [more]

7:36:36 AM Rain, low temperatures grow potholes
Hampton Union - Hampton,NH,USA

Mary Stampone, the state's climatologist and a University of New Hampshire professor, noted that as far as spring flooding goes, the region should be set ... [more]

6:16:20 AM NY Times writer tells BYU students global warming issue has no easy answers
Deseret News

Because they can't, the questions continue over the definition of global warming, how it happened and who is responsible to fix it, Zeller said at a recent ... [more]

4:11:08 AM After snow in NJ, flooding may threaten basements and local agriculture
Bridgeton News - Bridgeton,NJ,USA

State climatologist David Robinson said after another wet week, northern New Jersey also could face significant flooding, if conditions permit. ... [more]

2:34:29 AM Global warming measures watered down in draft bill
The Japan Times

The latest draft law compiled by the government shows some of its measures for the fight against global warming could be watered down significantly, .... [more]

1:42:03 AM El Niño means little relief is in store for residents worried about
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA

Los Angeles Times Even the most skeptical meteorologists and climatologists now agree that El Niño is alive and kicking and that Southern California should have, ... [more]

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